We’re on your side

The right premises at the right price, the right transport links, a pool of people with the right qualifications for your business – these can all be key to success but are often outside your direct control.

Specialist Chamber committees work with outside agencies such as the North West Development Agency, the local Council and major transport and premises providers to represent and promote our members’ interests, and lobbying to ensure that decisions made both inside and outside the area take your needs into consideration.

    Keeping your business on the move.

    The Highways and Transport Committee works to create links with both government bodies and transport providers such as Virgin Trains, local and national, ensuring that major transport decisions have a positive outcome for our area.

    The committee is actively involved in the following projects:

  • The long awaited Alderley Edge bypass, due to be completed in 2011.
  • The Crewe station development and access project, making rail travel more efficient and enjoyable for all who use it.

    Tackling the issues that matter.

    The Economic Prosperity Committee represents local business interests in a variety of ways:

  • Participating in local planning and economic development
  • Maintaining ongoing discussions about business rates and local services
  • Fighting our corner with the strategic and policy-making bodies responsible for allocating expenditure in the region, to ensure the major conurbations of Manchester and Merseyside don’t dominate their decisions and we get our fair share of any funding available.
  • Working with the police to raise awareness of the impact of business crime, particularly “white collar” crimes such as computer fraud.

    Creating the right place to do business.

    The Land & Premises Committee keeps a watching brief on all issues relating to land availability, commercial and industrial premises and planning throughout the area. Their work on local businesses’ behalf has included:

  • Helping produce a comprehensive survey to assess the supply of employment land and available premises, and identify any shortages.
  • Participating in all local planning and development strategies.
  • Promoting continuing development of, and improvement to, local business parks such as the Parkgate Industrial Estate.