Helping you grow, giving you advice you can trust.

The Chamber exists to create an environment where businesses can flourish and grow, benefitting the owners, their staff and the wider community.

The Chamber offers you a source of expert, informed advice on all the issues your business may have to face – such as the best way to reach a new market, how to deal with changes in employment legislation, where to find the right premises.

Through lobbying and representation, we can ensure that your interests are listened to in matters such as town planning, economic development and transport.

The Chamber’s partnerships and business networks give us a unique overview of local issues and developments, which we can share with you.

We provide ongoing training to keep your workforce up to date with latest legislation or technology.

We can help you expand your markets into Europe and beyond, with export advice and assistance.

For more information about how we can help you grow, or to arrange a meeting with a Business Advisor, call on the Chamber on 01625 665940, or contact us by email.

Our advice is free and completely confidential.